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Coconut FreeNAS Servers Powerful Just Works No Brand Locked Features! Protect Mission Critical Data, And Eliminate Slowdowns And Downtime With High Availability Data Serving.


Premium Homes Outfitted With A Personal FreeNAS File Server.  Back-Up And Share Movies, Photos, Files, With Family And Devices With No Storage Limits - Completely FREE!  You Own Your Own Server, In Your Home.  Access From Remote Locations Around The World, Town, Village, etc...

Internet Security Tier 1 Aggressive Defense Now!

Following The Common, The Typical, The Herd, And Using The Defaults, Relying On Your Mentality Of "Its Been Working So Far"......   In Any Commercial Computer Deployment..... Is Simply Stupid.

Following Mass Popularity Computer Usage, And Ignoring Security, Is Stupid And Has Brought Down Sony Entertainment And Others In The Past.  Take Security Seriously And Hire Aggressive Self-Thinkers Thinking Outside The Typical, The K12 Industry Teaching.... For Serious Preventative And Defensive Security Protection Of ALL Your IS And IT Commercial Deployments Now - Off Or On Internet!

Look For Individuals With Common Sense Thinking, With True Intellectual Talent (Not Necessarily A Mass Produced/Marketed-For-Profit Academic IT Degree) And Intelligence To Deploy Effective Seriously And Avoid Typical Human Brain Functionality.

If Your First Thought While Reading This, Was "How Much?", Then YOU Are A Liability To Your Employer And Cannot Afford To Be In Business!

IPv6 Next Generation Internet Developer

The New World Internet. On June 2012, it became publicly and globally official; the all-new Global Earth Network - Massively Bigger With Trillions of addresses!

The first publicly intended world internet.  IPv6 is a new Internet protocol addressing system developed specifically to enable all humans and machines on Earth to have a Internet accessible address.

Visionary - Gene Casanova

GS6 Smartphone Mobile iPhone 6Mobile First Web Site Strategy

Why You Need A Mobile-First Website Marketing Strategy

Do you have a mobile-first website strategy? If you are still developing visual assets, landing pages, and content for 'desktop' computers and hoping "responsive" design will take care of the rest, STOP.  It's time to take another look at Internet usage and the public today.

Next generation people today are increasingly using mobile devices as their personal must-have companion, turing to their mobile technology first; when needing to search for answers, browsing website content, interacting socialy, and buying everyday needed services and goods. It is extremely important for businhess to follow consumer needs, by providing engaging, effective, and useful experiences with fast results, on all current mobile platforms..... readmore here.

IPv6 Infrastructure Developer / Data Center & Internet-Enabled-Premise Contractor / Services

Ipv6 stands for "Internet Protocol version 6".  This is the next-generation Internet networking protocol, replacing the outdated IPv4, which was not originally designed for, or intended for, mass global use, or public use.  What about "IPv5"?  There was a IPv5 designated for experimentation.  Quality knowledgeable qualified Internet service providers will be providing IPv6 as of June 2012.  If you are not accessing the Internet on IPv6 through your Internet Service Provider, then change to a different provider, with he knowledge to make IPv6 happen. Or, demand the new Internet from your current provider. Have Them Contact CGI Computer Wares, For IPv6 Development And Deployment Service.

+Google Developer

Embrace The Magic! Enjoy The Rewards Of A Partnership With Leading-Edge Online Internet Technology Providers, Google And Mr. Gene Casanova. Through The Personal Passionate Research And Development Work Of Mr. Gene Casanova And Today's Latest Google Offered Technologies, Your Projects, Online Applications, Business Endeavors, Branding, And Web Image, Come Alive With Quick-To-Changing-Market Responsiveness. Mr. Gene Casanova Is An Accomplished Registered +Google Developer; With Extensive Internet Technology Development Knowledge, Insight, And Savvy; Acquired Through Intensive Commercial R&D Work Since 1995.

mongoDB MongoDB Full Stack Developer

Embrace Reality's Data Flow And Logic Intelligence.  True Maverick Outside the Common Realm of Following The masses development - embrace advanced concepts to new frontiers, markets, market dominance.

Adroid DeveloperGoogle Android & iOS Developer, Consulting, System Analysis

Embrace The Technology, Modern Lifestyle Demands, And Future-Proof Your Project In The Grand Continuum, With My Help.

mongoDB PostgreSQL RDBMS  MariaDB RDBMS  FileMaker Pro Dealer VAR System Developer

ADVANCED DATABASE Research & Development Center

Developer & Systems Analysis


  • mongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • MySQL Migration To PostgreSQL, Or MariaDB
  • Data Migration to NoSQL
  • Data Migration to mongoDB
  • Custom Secured MongoDB Cloud Servers, Data Center Architect

Commercial class data management and manipulation speciality since 1979.  Computer technology combined with real-world corporate manual (paper based) data filing systems, lead to advancing research and development of computer based data collecting, storage and use since 1979. 

Today CGI Computer wares offers inhouse IS and IT staff world class server hardware, programming, and complete custom built database servers based on world computer industry standard OEM components.  OEM industry if what the most advertised marketing brands use and Internet companies like Google.

Backend database driven web applications development: Intranet, extranet, and Internet database application consulting, integrations and other custom programming and data entry services.   Remote Database Administrative Service Agreements Available. Custom Hardware Server Building & Support Contracts; World's Leading Blade And High-Density, High-Available OEM World Industry Standard's Leading OEM Manufacturers Technologies Provider Partner; Commercial Internet-Class Data Servers Specialty.

Protecting Your Assets.... Moving Away From MySQL?

 Gene Can Make It More Painless..... Start The Conversation Today!

> From Optimized Hardware Servers & Firewalled Gateways, To Cluster RDBMS & Cloud Building.

> Small group and business database consulting: File Marker Pro.  Data Recovery, Data Migration, Translations, and More....

mongoDBIntel Technology Provider PartnerRackmount Portable

mongoDB CGI COmputer Wares Blade Server CLOUD PLATFORMS

CGI Computer Wares AMD SIngle COre Commercial 1U Server
PostgreSQL RDBMS  MariaDB RDBMS pfGateKeeper™  Intel Technology Provider Partner AMD Technology Provider Partner


Custom Server Builder


  • Leading World Computer-Industry OEM Manufacturer's Technology Provider Partner
  • Components Leading World Computer-Industry OEM Manufacturer's Direct Components
  • World's Finest Perimeter Network Security GATEKEEPERS
  • Racks, Cabinets
  • Tier 1 Clouds, HD Servers, Blade Servers, Firewalls, VPN Servers,
  • WiFi Cell Systems, Roaming WiFi, Mobile Servers

Business Advantages

  • + No Brand-Marketing Agenda
  • + No Brand Massive Profit Markup Prices
  • + Universal Industry Interchangeable Components
  • + Highest Availability
  • + Long Term Deployment (No Brand Upgrade Selling Hype! (a cash-flow generator for brand venders)
  • + Just Works Hardware.
  • + Just Works Total Turn-Key Systems To Your Specific Needs.
  • + You Take Control Of Your Computer Technology.
  • + Serious Business, Internet, Industrial, Signage, Building Control, Vehicle, Audio, Entertainment, Medical, Network Infrastructure, And Scientific Computing Platforms.
  • + Worldwide Global Support Communities & Open Source Projects Supported
  • + Remote System's Management Support Contracts Available
  • + UNIX-Based FreeBSD-Based Systems
  • + Internet Data Center, Cloud Center Developer - Contractor - Infrastructure - Mobile - Short Term



PostgreSQL Blade Server, MariaDB Rack Server, MySQL, pfSEnse, FreeBSD, BSD, Serious Commercial UNIX-Based Systems.... 1, 2, 4, 6, 16, 32 Cores....  AMD & Intel....

CGI Computer Wares Coconut Gardens™ Systems.  Built Using World's Leading OEM Computer Industry Technologies.  The Same OEM Based Systemboard Platforms As Google And Facebook Servers, Available.  Internet Hosting, Internet Large Commercial E-Commerce, Enterprise, Manufacturing, Institutional, Industrial, Office, Small Office, Publishing, Science Research - Cluster, Clouding, Distributing Computing, Systems.....

Commercial Support pfSense, Install pfSense, pfSense Training, Custom Build pfSense Into Your Custom Product/Variation.....

Offer support contracts, consulting, and custom development services.

Create and maintain custom branded network security appliances and relationships for OEMs in hospitality, networking, security, industrial control systems, health care, and other industries.

  • Custom Branding

  • Network Service Provider Firewall/Gateway Systems - Hospitality, Industrial, Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Health care.....

  • Better HEALTHCARE Computer Servers & Workstations, Commercial Solid Running UNIX-Based; Leading World Computer Industry OEM Parts - AMD & Intel Technology Provider Partner - World's Most Advanced UNIX-Based System = Free-To-Use Open Source Operating-System; Rarely Crashing.

  • Client-Server Distributed Database Health care Record Systems; HMO IT Support - Complete Deployment & Long-Term Support.

  • Open Source Application Deployment Specialist.

  • Stand-Alone, Closet Rack, Wall Rack, Cabinets

  • IPv6 DNS Internet Carrier Class Servers & Services | Name Servers, DyDNS....

  • VPN Servers & Services | Mobile Clients, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Interoffice, Satellite Workstation, Satellite Offices.....  Satellite, Wi-Fi, Cell-Phone Internet Access....

  • Data Security - Key-Pair Technology Support, Keys, Certificates, Custom CA Servers & Services.....

  • Internet Carrier Class, Internet Commercial eCommerse Class, Enterprise, Medical, Financial Classes....

CGI Computer Wares' Server Advantage Plan helps businesses reduce their IT/IS costs, And Increase Their Market Advantage, by eliminating the need and expensive-overhead for a permanent, on-site IT/IS professional.   Enabling peace-of-mind, ongoing maintenance and updates, and a dedicated commitment, if anything should go wrong a representative will be available to solve issues.  Our Server Advantage Plan is the ideal solution for large or small companies.

Simply....  Dependably.....  Works! ...... Let's Start The Conversation Today!

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Embrace Emerging Technology And Enjoy The Rewards. Start The Conversation Today! Enjoy A Beneficial Long-term Relationship With Savvy, Leading-Edge Internet Technology Researcher And Developer, Mr. Gene Casanova. A Lifelong Personal Passion For Computing Science, And Its Potentials, Mr. Gene Casanova Explores And Invents Processes To Enhance The Human Experience. He Offers A Unique Combination Of Skills And Working-Experienced Knowledgebase, Including Data Center, Data Closet, Server Rack, Server Design, Network Infrastructure, Internet Backbone Trunking, Satellite Backbone, Global Positioning, To Process/Code Conception, Development, And Implementation. He Brings To The Table, Your Team, Your Projects.... Extensive Internet Technology Development And Overexposures, Knowledge, Insight, And Savvy; Acquired Through Intensive Commercial Internet R&D Work Since 1995. Maverick ..... Innovative Progressive-Thinking Personal Creativity And Passion; Bring On Your Challenge - Gene Casanova.

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