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MILWAUKEE WI Arduino Meet Up Make Space


WANTED: Angle Investor Start-Up Funding

Large Industrial Zoned Arduino Make Space Acquired!

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MILWAUKEE WI Raspberry Pi Meet Up Make Space


WANTED: Angle Investor Start-Up Funding

Large Industrial Zoned Raspberry Pi Make Space Acquired!

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MILWAUKEE WI Internet of Things (IoT) Meet Up Make Space


WANTED: Angle Investor Start-Up Funding

Large Industrial Zoned Make Space Acquired!

Full Advanced Fabrication Facility, machine Shop, Welding, Electronics Lab Equipment Acquired!

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2018 July REVIEW



Microcontroller Developer System Learning & Making Platforms

2017 SEPTEMBER | by Gene Casanova

Senior Systems/Network/Internet Engineer

The 'Open Source' Arduino Technology

Arduino is a open source technology; meaning, the original creator of the design, has given the design and rights to make Arduinos, to the world.  Anyone can manufacturer Arduinos. This also means there are no "counterfeits".  The term "Arduino clone" is also being used incorrectly.  technically An Arduino cannot be cloned!

Manufacturers are producing Arduino systemboards based on the open-source technical drawing, schematics, and specifications, along with the world's electronic industry's standard components.

Below are some of the models designed as open source for the world, and manufactured for resale, by Arduino AG in Italy.

Arduion UNO R3 code:A00066

Arduino UNO R3, CODE:A00066

The current 2017 Arduino UNO R3, code:A00066, is based on a microcontroller, named the "ATmega328", a 'DIP' package version (28 pin rectangle IC chip version, mounted in a DIP socket.  This is the 2017 revision of the original "Arduino USB" systemboard.

The Arduino UNO R3 connects to a personal computer through use of a USB port on each device and a USB cable.

The Arduino UNO R3 contains everything needed to power and program the system.

It can be extended with a variety of Arduino "shields": custom daughter-boards with specific features.  It is similar to the "Duemilanove", with an updated USB-to-serial ATMega8U2 IC chip, and newly designed labeling to make inputs and outputs easier to identify.

The UNO is the best board to get started with learning microcontrollers, programming, and connecting to electronics.  If this is your first experience tinkering with the computer-control platform, the UNO is the most robust board you can start playing with.  The UNO is the most used and documented board of the whole Arduino family.

MKE Arduino Maker Space - Industrial - MKE USA - GREAT LAKES

Calling all Arduino enthusiasts, curious, hobbyists, tinkers, makers, builders, visionaries.....

I am a cofounder of MKE Maker Space, a newly emerging maker space, located in Industrial Milwaukee, WI. USA, near the Milwaukee port on Lake Michigan. Gary and myself, are looking to meet persons interested in learning microcontrollers and developing real world applications using computer and mechanical technologies by opening up our private industrial maker space to a makers.  A space open for use, and to hang out, learn, create and share in creating and learning cool stuff... artists, to bakers, to chefs, to robot builders, to ship builders, to factory MEGA machine creations, to deep sea exploration and fishing 3D mapping and AI enabled devices and systems... we have a massive collective of knowledge and experiences to share and build my dream "ant hill" concept.

Professional Speaker Engagements

Cool, fun, exciting, educational, enlightenment, and personal knowlegebase enhancement....

Private tutoring in Milwaukee and Chicago, may be available.  Professional speaker engagements available in Melbourne Australia, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York City, and other locations considered.  Open to private groups, organizations, schools, and businesses.

Contact to continue the conversation.

reference: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Boards

Use The Technology Wisely & Keep It Simple

- Cheers!

Gene Casanova

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