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July Saturday 21

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IoT Full Stack All Scale Developments - Driving Evolution


As opportunities arise during my Research & Development work, I will share information by creating online 'Gene's Quick Lab Reference Webpages'.  These pages become part of my portfolio of tools, and accomplished skills and knowledge.  I will expand the collection as viewer interests merit.

About Author

Document by Gene Casanova, CIO, Chief Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, Author, Codemaster; Since 1970s/30+ Years R&D And Commercial Working Implementation Experience.


IoT & Embedded Systems Making, Designing, Researching, Learning


Thank You!

Thank You To All Who Stopped By My Exhibit To Meet Me, And/Or See My Mad Scientists "Show And Tell"!

I hope to develop wonderfully mutually beneficial relationships with all who I met.  Bring me your ideas, ask me for help, and or join my team of designing and building cool things of the next generation.... no limits.. science and technology discovery and implementation.  My great grandfather started a patent model building machine shop in Milwaukee WI.  My family tree goes back to the old world country and a blacksmith shop, over multiple centuries.  And its still there, in the family, with my cousin operating a upscale car service facility.   I must have "making" in my genes! 

Please contact me through the email I had provided you, to make an appointment to hang out and talk about your projects, learn how to program and or use things like the IoT, VPN, SSH, Cyber Security.... and/or see the Milwaukee Hartung Industrial warehouse building and proposed MKE IoT & Embedded Maker Space, I was telling you all about.

I, along with my friend Gary with a Vintage brick industrial building in Milwaukee, and a 20 year professional Machine Repair Technician, now an Industrial Maker and Services Provider, want to start a specialized fully equipped Maker Space in Milwaukee!  With the purpose of 'IT/IS, IoT & Embedded Systems Making, Designing, Researching, Learning, & Teaching'.

Everything from industrial automation, to AI machines - hobby to commercial - production to inventions to home automation, model building to gadget making, to Cosplay replication things and accessories to walking robots with Tier 1 AI to building OEM Production Industrial PCs, Gatekeepers, Bluetooth MESH, Public Internet Mesh, Aerospace, Flying Machine, Submarines....

Presenting What Is "IoT": Internet Of Things...  Working Systemboards, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, PC104, ISA Half Card Computer, And Various Mini Computer System Boards, And A Large Scale Industrial CNC Plasma Cutter Robot Head Unit Retired Recently From A Very Mega Scale HEAVY METAL Fabrication Factory In Milwaukee WI USA!

Driving Large Scale Servos; CNC, CAM; Internet Tier 1 Facility Milwaukee Development.  I Am Interested In Sharing, Networking, And Starting A Specialized Maker Space.

Visitors are welcomed to interact with me and the microcomputers I am bringing for a show and tell weekend.  Professional commercial, factory machine control systemboards, industrial embedded systemboards, large brushless AEROTECH servos made in USA (a Servo Industry High-End (Tier 1) Technology Developer/Manufacturer in USA), and the new wave of popular learning small embedded systemboards, including the Raspberry Pi and Andiron will be there!

Recycle Repurpose Maker Faire Project - Repurpose Embedded ICE Maker

Building An Advanced Active CPU GPU Chiller Project, Will Be On Display... join me in creating the ultimate Gaming Machines for Professional Winning Gammers - No Budget Limit Custom Builds!  A Private Machine Shop Facility In Milwaukee, Used To Produce CPU/GPU Chiller Modules.  Help Form An Exclusive Advanced IoT Maker Group, And Join Me A Force Of Evolution.

Other Stuff To See & Do

Computer programming introduction, C, python, and others.  MacBook PRO workstation, with dual monitors as an actual working commercial workstation will be at the exhibit.  With good Internet access, demonstrations of basic IoT and remote accessing operating Internet services, VPN service, and IoT servers will be available to learn and discuss possibilities, potentials, and forming and joining a specialized group I am creating in metro Milwaukee area.

Arduino Open Source Community member - Tier 1 Full Stack Developer


The "Arduino" is an "open source" microcontroller computer system board originally designed and manufactured in Italy for the purpose of being an affordable working microcontroller system learning tool and platform.  It has evolved into a learning tool, and an electronics hardware Prototyping platform based around a pre-installed microcontroller (a type of CPU = "central processing unit").

See, Learn, Ask, Do, Make.......

See an Arduino serial communicate with the onboard GPIO, to an external RS232 Serial Device, then back to the onboard USB interface (port)!

Crazy - Science - Technology - Learning - Sparking Kinetic Brains Energy - Bleeding Edge Reality Evolution

Structured Logic

The structure of the human brain is made of a speculated 100 Billion neurons, and trillions of support cells referred to as "glia".  Neurons may be the more important cells in the brain; enabling signal relaying provided by the functionality of glial cells.  Astrocytes are star-shaped glia; holding neurons in place, supply nutrients, and digest parts of dead neurons.  Astrocytes appear to be involved in almost all aspects of brain function.

Seeking Serious Research Funding

Raspberry Pi FoundationBring Your Raspberry Pi !

Bring your Raspberry Pi with a breadboard... time to learn something new, or help with a project challenging technology wall to break down.....  ....learn something new...  ask for help.... share a project, share your project.... Interested in networking with me and others; form a Raspberry Pi user/developer networking MKE RaspberryPI Maker Group?

Families.... Individuals.... Buy a Raspberry Pi and a microSD Card before the Faire..... And Bring It For Setup Help.... Or Come And Learn How To Get One & What Is Needed To Get Started!  Introduction & Discovery!

Discover Python..... Or Need Help Understanding "Python"?  No Worries, Seekers of Enlightenment, Shared Exploration, Fun & Adventure!  Serving Raspberry Pi!

Sparking Kinetic Energy Held Within A Human Mind.... Gene Casanova


MAKER FAIRE Features Gene Casanova, Maker Gene Casanova

35+ Years Research & Development of Computing Technologies - Computing Guru

Oracal, Visionary, Engineer, Artists, Scientist, Crafter, Maker....


The 2017 Maker Faire Milwaukee is now history, and remember as the BIGEST SHOW AND TELL Of MILWAUKEE WI!

It was A BIG FUN Event And Great Success, Held At The Wisconsin State Fair Park, Wisconsin Exposition Center, 8200 W Greenfield Ave, West Allis, WI 53214.

I saw babies to older adults, or all types, enjoying the weekend, some hung out at the Faire and enjoyed learning and making things... meeting new friends, and discovering cool stuff!  I met some very interesting persons, and enjoyed hanging out with the Lost In Space Robot!

I Way-Overshot My Speculated Expectations Of Networking!   Wow!

It Was Fun And Great Meeting You All!

Mr. Gene Casanova.

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Use The Technology Wisely & Keep It Simple

- Cheers!

Gene Casanova

Orchestrating Technology™ - Gene Casanova