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Why You Need A Mobile-First Website Marketing Strategy

Do you have a mobile-first website strategy? If you are still developing visual assets, landing pages, and content for 'desktop' computers and hoping "responsive" design will take care of the rest, STOP. It's time to take another look at Internet usage and the public today.

Next generation people today are increasingly using mobile devices as their personal must-have companion, turing to their mobile technology first; when needing to search for answers, browsing website content, interacting socialy, and buying everyday needed services and goods. It is extremely important for businhess to follow consumer needs, by providing engaging, effective, and useful experiences with fast results, on all current mobile platforms..... readmore here

Consider These Statistics:

64% of Americans own a smartphone, and 10% of them are smartphone-dependent; only access to the Internet is the smartphone.
More Google searches happen on mobile devices than on desktop computers.
80% of Twitter users access the network on a mobile device.
Mobile commerce during the 2015 holiday shopping season was 59% higher than in 2014.